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About Reliable Tek Help

Reliable Tek Help is a Louisville based Information Technology company that specializes in business IT services and has recently launched its smart home IT applications to the area. We have been serving Louisville & Southern Indiana businesses for over 10 years. RTH is excited about officially launching our home IT services. We have been fine-tuning our knowledge of smart home technologies and security over the last four years. Please call us for a brief discussion of your business or home information technology needs.

Home IT Solutions

Reliable Tek Help is ahead of the curve providing a comprehensive suite of products and services to keep your home smart and connected. With the introduction of a whole home of connected devices and services that are affordable and accessible, we can serve the Kentucky and southern Indiana area quickly and inexpensively.

Business & Commercial IT Solutions

Reliable Tek Help can keep your company up to date with the latest in hardware and software solutions. Also, we can offer support that can not only integrate and connect your devices, software, and data with your team members and customers but also streamline your processes to increase employee morale, efficiency and ultimately your bottom line.

Client Reviews

  • “David Snyder is my hero! He is always responsive, kind, and provides expert IT assistance, especially when it’s an urgent matter. Highly recommended!”

    V. Rodgers

  • “David is the best!!! Very dependable, polite and patient. I have been using David for many, many years. I would highly recommend him. In fact, I have recommended him and all have been more than pleased.”

    L. Levy

  • “On more than one occasion I have called David in a complete panic mode that my printer was down, my computer was frozen, my iPhone wouldn’t sync. His calm demeanor and “can do” attitude puts me right at ease. He’s come to my house to fix the problem or sometimes he can fix it remotely which has been a huge saving grace. I work from home so David is my IT department. I’m grateful for his knowledge and expertise.

    S. Shaps

  • “David has always been so helpful and knowledgeable. He is accommodating and efficient. I highly recommend reliable tek help for all of your IT needs.”

    L. Demarco

  • “We love David. He does great work and is always very professional and friendly. Highly recommend if you ever need any IT service.”

    M. Corde

  • “David was great, he fixed everything I needed and some things I didn’t even know I needed. He handled everything in one hour and was very professional. I will differently use him again!”

    P. Hester

  • “David is very reliable (as the name says!) and is my go-to guy when I need my computer worked on! Always quick and efficient!”

    L. Dicken

  • “Have been working with Dave at least 8-9 years over 3 different cities. He has always been very responsive, and extremely proficient at solving WHATEVER computer problem we have had.”

    M. Sawyer

  • “This man is excellent at analyzing and curing computer illnesses; he also knows quite a bit about Quantum Mechanics and will help you with that if you desire.”

    J. Bowden