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WiFi & Networking

Residential Networking & Internet Products & Services

Residential Networking & Internet Repair & Set-up

We can optimize your home network and internet devices and services to ensure that all of your devices stay connected to the internet and to each other. Whether you’re trying to print a document using your wireless printer, stream Netlfix on your smart tv or play video games online with your friends we have the experience and know how to keep you connected.

Are there internet dead spots in your home? Is your smart tv constantly buffering while streaming video? Is your child not able to play online because their PlayStation is not getting a strong enough internet connection. We can diagnose and mitigate many WiFI & network issues to ensure that your entire house is connected and optimized.

Netgear, Linksys, Cisco, Google Home, D-Link, Apple and eero are just a few of the brands we can support.

Having trouble deciding which internet service and equipment is best for your home? We can analyze your home and it’s needs to suggest the best internet service provider and equipment. Cable or Fiber? Linksys or Netgear? Let us take the guess work out of choosing the right service and equipment.

User of electronics, trying to connect to WiFI
Let us help you set up an optimize your in-home Wi-Fi connection. We can give you the best performance in the farthest reach of your signal.